10 Best Balding Mens Haircut


If you are experiencing baldness and don’t want to completely shave your hair, we have listed the 10 best haircuts for balding men


The type of hairstyle for balding men can be a very serious topic for men who are experiencing hair loss.

Hollywood stylists have shown that you must not choose shaved head or bald haircut so that your thinning hair will work for you.

As a balding man, the best is to cut and style your thinning hair and receding hairline to create a trendy look while covering up the bald spots.

If you are one of those balding at the hairline or crown and also have long or short hair, don’t worry, they are good hairstyles for men with baldness.

They are some well-known popular hairstyles which guys use to cover up their baldness, which is crew cut, buzz cut, slick back, comb over, spike, and more, but they are some other styles you can learn today which we have listed below.

10 Best Balding Men’s Haircut

1. Crew Cut


The crew cut is one of the most well-known hairstyles for men, this kind of haircut is not just for guys who are experience baldness, it is a versatile hairstyle mainly for men. just like the buzz cut, but crew cut is longer.

with more long hair on top and a taper dim haircut on the sides, the crew cut gives more chance for styling options.

2. Comb Over


Comb over hairstyle is perfect for thinning hair. When is well cut and styled, the modern comb over fade can help to integrate your receding hairline or widow’s peak into your hairstyle.

The goal of styling a comb-over is to use a small amount of light product to comb the hair to the back and to one side, so it will not look like you are hiding the bald spots.

Also, know that the brushed hair should be subtle and airy, and not flat with a thick clump. it is good to use a wide-tooth comb with a light touch.

3. Textured French Crop


You can get the French textured crop trendy look by styling your hair forward. with a dim or undercut on the sides, a short haircut on top, and some extra length in the front, the French crop can help you hide your receding hair.

You can use medium-hold oil, wax, or clay with less to no shine for a textured finish that works well with the thinning hair on your crown.

Gently comb your hair towards the face then leave the top messy while the front stays over the forehead.  Men who have long hair can also style a fringe to hide balding parts.

4. Slicked Back Hair


Most men who are bald love slicked back hair to be a balance between classy and cool, slicked back hairstyles will not allow people to notice your receding hairline or bald areas and focus it back on your sleek look.

Depending on the level of your baldness, you can style a short or long slick back. extremely receding hair, we suggest keeping things short.

You can start with a high fade or undercut on the sides to reduce contrast and also make the thin hair on the top look thicker.

After you have applied men’s hair product, slick your hair towards the back of your head with a brush or comb, as you comb back, try to make sure to lift to add volume.

5. Fringe


The fringe hairstyle is the perfect haircut for balding men who want to hide a bad hairline.

Short sides and short hair on top with longer bangs, fringe hairstyles are achieved by combing your hair towards the front and letting it partially cover your forehead.

You can tell your barber to cut your hair short or long fringe and sweep it to one side for an angular styling.

The rest of your hair, especially around your crown if you have thin hair, should be tousled to avoid exposing the scalp.

6. Faux Hawk


The faux hawk is a kind of edgy haircut that will surely keep people attracted to how you styled your hair and not any men’s pattern baldness.

prong up and bold, faux hawk dim needs you to push your hair towards the middle of your head.

When you realized your hairline is more exposed, the faux hawk will help the hair loss look like it’s part of the style. keep the top short to medium-length, and use a strong pomade for styling.

7. Side Part


For many decades, the side part has been known as gentleman’s hairstyle, just like the comb over but with a different part, the side part haircut is neat, sophisticated, and stylish.

Some men may be thinking about parting their hair and highlighting a bald spot on one side, but you can tell your barber to cut a very high skin fade on the sides to better blend the transition.

8. Pompadour


Traditionally, the pompadour has been a medium-length hairstyle that has poof in the front. To connect with thinning or balding hair, men will have to style short pomp.

With low hair on the sides and 2 to 3 inches of length on top, you’ll need to brush your hair up and back.

A soft touch with a blow dryer can also add volume and flow for men dealing with hair loss.

9. Quiff


The quiff haircut is good for men who have short to medium hair and want a casual fashionable style. The modern quiff is often paired with a fade on the sides.

The styling needs a soft hair cream or mouses, and general styles best when you run your fingers through your hair for a relaxed finish.

10. Spiky Hair


Spiky hair is known as one of the best hairstyles for balding heads. As a beginner, you will want short spiky hair that is short in the back and longer in the front.

spikes can be flattering when styled messy with a matte product. Avoid the bad 90’s spiky hairstyles by not using shiny, sticky gel.

The textured haircut styles will give your spikes a thicker appearance, while the messy finish will cover more surface area on your head.

Furthermore, men can spike the hair on the sides forward to hide bald spots along the hairline.



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