Effect of coffee consumption on blood pressure

Coffee consumption around the globe is high every year, and they has been conflicting debate by researchers over the years weather coffee intake increases blood pressure.

If you are a coffee lover, who enjoy the flavor each morning when you take a sip, you are probably not going to give up on continuously making your favorite beverage.

Since there has being controversy if regular coffee intake is good or risky to your health, but in this article you will find out weather it is good or bad for your body.

Effect of coffee on blood pressure is temporary

Experts who conducted a research on coffee intake, noted that coffee cannot only make you to stay awake but also increase blood pressure in short period of time after drinking it.

The study reviewed that  200-300 mg of caffeine in coffee which is approximately the amount you take in 1.5-2 cup resulted in an average increase of 8 mm Hg and 6 mm Hg in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The effect was monitored for about 3 hours of intake, and the findings was similar to individuals who has normal blood pressure at baseline and those who already has high blood pressure.

The study concluded that short term of increase in blood pressure may occur after consuming a cup of coffee, especially if you are a regular drinker.

Coffee Long-Term Effect On Blood Pressure

Even though the effect of coffee on blood pressure last in a short period of time after drinking it, and cannot go beyond the level.

New study show's that daily intake of coffee is unlikely to have significant impact on blood pressure or heart disease, for people with high blood pressure.

But for healthy people, experts says that consuming of 3-5 cups of coffee daily is connected to a 15% decrease of heart disease and decrease risk of premature death.

The healthy multiple bioactive compounds in coffee have strong antioxidant effect and may decrease oxidative stress in human body.

Most researchers has revealed that the health benefit of coffee in human body outweigh it negative impact for those who drink it daily.

Should People With High Blood Pressure Avoid Drinking Coffee

A 2017 study reviewed that people with high blood pressure should be cautions when taking coffee but should not avoid it.

For healthy people, moderate drinking of coffee may not have bad effect on their health, unlike people who is already diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Too much taking of caffeine can be dangerous to the body, it is advice to be mindful of what will digest inside our system.

As research shows that the bioactive compounds in coffee is good in our body and help less stress, forming the habit of over taken it is not good.

If you have high blood pressure, avoid regular drinking of coffee until your blood pressure is under control before start your normal coffee routine.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle and healthy diet will have good impact in your body if you have high blood pressure than focusing on coffee drinking.

When A Person Should Avoid Coffee

Some individuals have find out that drinking coffee causes insomnia, anxiety or tremors, others said it cause heartburn and reflux. if you noticed any of this sign after drinking coffee you should stop consuming coffee.

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