What Is The Effect Of Coffee On Blood Sugar – Surprising Facts

Caffeine is found in some beverages like coffee, for example, most Americans drink coffee in the morning before going to work, this shows that they consume caffeine almost every day, for healthy people, the beverage is beneficial to their health.

But not too much benefit to people who has type 2 diabetes, caffeine may make it tough to keep the blood sugar in check.

Some studies reviewed that taking coffee may reduce the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes, but the case is different for people who are already suffering from this disease.

Health experts have cautioned people with type 2 diabetes to minimize the drinking of coffee because it contains caffeine which is not healthy for their health, though there is still some conflicting debate about this topic whether caffeine is good for people with type 2 diabetes, to be in safer side it is advised not to drink it till your blood sugar is under control.

Does Caffeine Affect The Blood Sugar


A high number of research indicates that people with type 2 diabetes respond differently to caffeine, it increase the blood sugar and insulin level of individuals that suffer from this disease.

One of the studies done on people with type 2 diabetes, resulted that after taking 250 mg of caffeine pill in the morning and afternoon, their blood sugar increased to 8% higher than the days they did not take caffeine.

The reason for the increase was because caffeine affects how the body reacts to insulin, which is the hormone that enables sugar to enter the cells and get changed to energy.

It is said that caffeine may decrease insulin sensitivity, which resulted that the cells no longer respond to the hormone-like it used to do. they don’t suck up enough quantity of sugar from the blood after eating, causing the body to produce higher insulin levels after meals.

The body of individuals with type 2 diabetes don’t use insulin well, after eating, the blood sugar increase higher than normal and caffeine makes it harder to come down to normal healthy level, which if care is not taking it may lead to some diabetes complications such as heart disease or nerve damage.

So what is Diabetes?


Diabetes is a type of sickness that affects how the body system reacts to blood sugar, the blood sugar is much important to the body because it has a great impact on the brain and also boosts energy in the muscles and tissues.

People with diabetes suffer from a high quantity of sugar circulating in the blood, which makes the insulin to be resistant and cannot absorb much sugar into the cells for the production of energy.

How Does Caffeine Affect The Blood Sugar?

Researchers are still trying to find out why and how caffeine affects insulin and blood sugar levels, but at the main time, they believe these few factors may be the cause.

  • Caffeine may increase a certain level of the stress hormone known as adrenaline. the adrenaline stops the cells from processing too much sugar, it can also prevent the body from producing insulin.
  • Caffeine also blocks adenosine (protein), which helps the molecule to measure the quantity of insulin the body produces and also control how the cells react to it.
  • Excessive intake of caffeine may keep you awake and lack of sleep decrease insulin sensitivity.



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