What Is The Effects Of Coffee On The Body


Most individuals drink coffee to relieve stress and mental fatigue, but they are more about the effect of coffee on the body.


Whether you drink coffee in the morning or in the afternoon to relieve some stress, just know that you are not the only one on this, most Americans consume this beverage every day. caffeine doesn’t only keep you awake but it also has numerous impact on how your nervous system perform.

Understanding the effect of caffeine in your body will make you know whether to increase or limit the quantity you consume on a daily basis.

Caffeine alone gives no nutritional value, and it is also tasteless, so if it is in the food you eat, beverages you drink or in the drugs you take, you will not know.

This substance has its own effect on the body, your system may feel good and energetic after taking it but excessive drinking of caffeine may lead your body to react in different ways, a study indicates that a healthy adult who consumes 400 mg per day is in safer side, so if you make your coffee by yourself, know the limit you consume if you order it in a restaurant check the label to know the quantity.

Consuming the same amount of caffeine every day makes your body start reacting to the caffeine effect and your system may start depending on that effect, to control your daily consumption, it is better to slowly reduce the quantity you drink. excessive digesting of anything is unhealthy for the body.

Effect of Caffeine In The Central Nervous System


Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, once it gets to the brain the most noticeable effect is alertness, you will feel more strong and more awake, it is common in most medications that treat drowsiness, headache, and migraines.

The research found that people who often take caffeine reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s and also reduce suicide risk by 45%, Most people consume caffeine because of its health benefit, but excessive intake may lead to bad side effects.

People who excessively consume caffeine may have headaches when they suddenly stop taking it, the reason for that is because the blood vessel in your brain has become used to the caffeine effect. they may also experience anxiety, drowsiness, and irritability. overdose of caffeine may also lead to death because of convulsion.

The Effect Of Caffeine in Digestive And Excretory System


Caffeine escalates the quantity of acid in your stomach and it can lead to heartburn or upset stomach, additional caffeine is not stored in the stomach, it goes to the liver and leaves through urine, you may notice excessive urination after taking caffeine.

If you have a stomach ulcer and acid reflux, it is better to ask your doctor if you should take caffeine.

The Effect Of Caffeine In Circulatory And Respiratory System


Caffeine soaks up in the stomach and goes to the bloodstream within an hour, caffeine can also make the blood pressure go high in a short period of time. the occur because of the increase in adrenaline or temporary block on the hormone that expands the arteries.

If you have high blood pressure or a heart problem, it is advised to ask your doctor whether consume caffeine is healthy for you. also read the effect of caffeine on blood sugar



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