10 Best Healthy Weight Loss Recipes Vegetarian


As a vegetarian, it does not mean that you should only eat pasta and veggies all the time.


If you are looking for ways to change your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I have listed the 10 best healthy weight loss recipes for vegetarians.

You will be amazed to find out the other best ways to mix up your dish as a vegetarian, though eating some of these recipes will make your stomach full, with time and chosen from different options you will find the perfect recipe that suits you.

1. Black bean omelet


Why spend your money on overpriced dishes, when you can prepare something healthier and cheaper in few minutes at home, would you prefer to spend money on spinach omelet from the restaurant which contains about 1,000 calories or spend less money on the omelet that is made with black beans and cheese that contain about 330 calories.

Check out the recipe for black bean omelet

2. Oatmeal with peanut butter and banana


This oatmeal with peanut and butter recipe is good and healthy because of the ingredients it contains. it’s a healthy morning meal that can be prepared in few minutes.

Check out the recipe for oatmeal with peanut butter and banana

3. Baked egg with mushroom and spinach


This ceramic plate contains egg, meat, cheese, and vegetables, which can be tossed in the oven, within 10 minutes it will become a perfectly cooked egg surrounded by some other tasty ingredient.

Check out the recipe for baked egg with mushroom and spinach

4. Banana bread


One slice of this bread will serve better for your breakfast and will also give you the nutrient of banana with low caloric ingredients. for better enjoyment add it some cream.

Check out the recipe for banana bread

5. French onion soup


This homemade food is healthier and also contains about 250 calories.

Check out the recipe for french onion soup

6. Fruit and granola yogurt


This easy-going ice milk is good enough to be a desert, which is healthy for starting your day. this sweet ice cream contains protein and fiber.

Check out the recipe for fruit and granola yogurt

7. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies


This recipe, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies is as delicious as the normal one our mums used to make, with just a little pinch of sea salt, the taste is very amazing.

Check out the recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

8. Roasted butternut squash


This super sweet roasted butternut squash recipe contains syrup and chopped fresh sage leaves, which give it an unusual taste.

Check out the recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash

9. Roasted carrot


To make your vegetable more flavorful and delicious, Here, you will find out the easy and simple way to make these roasted carrots recipes.

Check out the recipe for Roasted Carrot

10. Sweet potato fries


When making fries by yourself, it is easier to be in control of the fats and oil you are using. instead of going for the regular potato, is better to switch to the more nutritious sweet potato.

Check out the recipe for Sweet Potato Fries



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